Sword Fern

How to Care For a Sword Fern

Learn how to bring a unique and beautiful Sword Fern into your home while keeping it healthy and happy. From finding the perfect spot to understanding the watering, soil and pruning requirements, discover all the care and maintenance necessary to make your Sword Fern thrive. Get your Sword Fern houseplant today!

Dumb Cane

How to Care For a Dumb Cane

Make a bold statement with a Dumb Cane houseplant! Add a pop of vibrant color to your home & enjoy a unique, fluted stem feature. Low-maintenance, but requires frequent watering & bright indirect light. Keep away from small children & pets due to toxic sap risks. Get the perfect centerpiece for your home today!

Urn Plant

How to Care For a Urn Plant

Discover the beauty and elegance of the Urn Plant. Native to Central America and the West Indies, this unique succulent is easy to care for and can bring a vibrant touch to any home. With plenty of sunlight and occasional fertilizer, it can thrive indoors for years! Shop now and add timeless style to your space.

Ti plant

Ti Plant Care: A Guide

Bring a touch of elegance and class to your home with the Ti plant! This versatile houseplant is easy to care for and hardy, with vibrant green, red, and yellow leaves. Consider the temperature, humidity, and light requirements of your home before bringing your Ti plant indoors or outdoors. Enjoy the beauty of this plant and its natural healing properties – get yours today!


How to Care For a Pothos

Bring a touch of natural beauty and elegance to your home with a Pothos houseplant! Learn how to ensure the perfect environment for your Pothos and how to care for it properly. Discover all the benefits of this popular houseplant and why it’s worth the effort for those seeking a unique home décor touch. Get started today!

ZZ Plant

How to Care For a ZZ Plant

Discover the ZZ Plant, the perfect low-maintenance houseplant for busy lifestyles. Learn the features and benefits of the ZZ Plant, from its glossy green leaves and drought-tolerance, to its unique shaped flower and ability to thrive in low-light conditions. With proper care, this attractive evergreen perennial can bring life to any home décor scheme. Shop now and get the perfect houseplant for your needs.